Freeze-Dried Peas & Corn Power Muffins

Humble green peas and sweetcorn are popular vegetables that contain a fair amount of protein, fibre, vitamin C, and folic acid. They also contain adequate amounts of potassium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium that are beneficial for our daily body functions. These easily available throughout a year vegetables are stable in everyone's household, either in a fresh, frozen or tinned variations.

Thanks to modern technology, freeze-dried vegetable become more and more popular due to its nutritious, versatile and convenient use. The process of freeze-drying involves removing all the water content in their frozen state. The pressure of the freeze dryer is adjusted to dry the veggies thoroughly. The best part is that no nutrients are lost during this process!

Freeze-dried peas and corn are a nice contrast from your usual veggies. They make a delightfully crunchy-snack-on-the-go, a perfect addition to the lunchboxes and outdoors adventures. They are very easy to chew and full of flavour to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.    

The beauty of the freeze-dried products is that they can be easily rehydrated and added to your everyday recipes. These power muffins made with Kiwigarden freeze-dried peas and corn.  The moisture that leeched out from the veggies when baked turns tender batter into wet, gummy messes that results in doughy texture and lack of flavour. Using freeze-dried veggies solves this moisture problem!

Get creative by adding your favourite toppings to these muffins - sunflower and pumpkin seeds will complement this recipe nicely. 

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Family Recipes - Peas and Corn Power Muffins - Healthy Snacks NZ

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