About Us

Healthy Snacks NZ was established in 2018 when my first son just turned one year old. I was a first-time mum who was trying to find ways to nourish my son without slaving in the kitchen cooking meals that weren't guaranteed to be eaten by my toddler. I also learned that feeding kids wasn't as easy as I thought it was before becoming a mum. 

Today, as a mother of two I can certainly admit that raising kids is the toughest job in the world with the job description that does not include days off, sick days or just-not-feel-like-doing-it-today kind of days. It’s a full-time all-year-round job, with 24/7 on-call military-style duty.

Here at Healthy Snacks NZ, we value the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Unfortunately, healthy food is not always convenient, and convenient food is not always healthy. Our mission is to ease your parenting journey and to bring health and happiness to you and your little ones. 

Healthy Snacks NZ is your lifesaver and a one-stop-solution for all your mealtime and lunchtime essentials. All our products are thoroughly hand-picked, so you can be assured they are the best for your kid.

By shopping with us you are supporting NZ small business. Thank you for choosing us! If you need any help I am always here, just message us on socials or send an email.