Cheese Broccoli Fritters

As adults, we know that broccoli is an amazing vegetable which is so good for you. The broccoli is a powerful antioxidant, full of nutrients, fiber and a concentrated source of vitamin C. It is also very affordable all year round in comparison with other superfoods, like blueberries or avocados. 

Unfortunately, my little fella doesn't share my love for this green vegetable. So what shall I do? The answer is: camouflage, hide, and be creative! Let's add some fun and flavour to the old good broccoli so your kids will actually eat it. 

These fritters are very easy to make and can be enjoyed by the whole family. They are also perfect for taking to work or packing in your kids' lunchboxes. It's best served with the natural, thick, unsweetened Greek Yoghurt or a sour cream. 


Cheese Broccoli Fritters - Healthy Snacks NZ

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