Fermented Foods - Sour Cream

I am a big fan of kefir due to its powerful healing properties and unique taste that reminds me of my childhood.

A homemade sour cream is a great alternative to the store bought one as it often contains gums, thickeners or gelatin and zero of the probiotic bacteria. Luckily, recently there has been a positive shift in the dairy market when a few manufactures launching all-natural, authentic sour cream. But, it comes with the price tag!

Even though there are many different ways to make sour cream I prefer making it using kefir. Not only it results in a more authentic and distinguished taste but it also provides all the health benefits of kefir in a rich and creamy sour cream. If you don't have kefir available you can substitute it with buttermilk or natural Greek yoghurt. In this case, Lactobacillus from yoghurt or buttermilk will do the job but the final product might have a sweeter taste. The yeast from kefir gives sour cream its authentic tangy-sour-sweet taste. 

Sour cream is more than just a condiment - it's a beauty product too. It helps to soothe sunburned skin and accelerate the healing process with the same effectiveness as Aloe Vera. Plus, it acts as a powerful moisturiser since it's loaded with the good stuff. Fortunately, sour cream is unbelievably easy to make as you only need two ingredients and a little bit of time.   


Fermented Foods - Traditional Sour Cream

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  • Vanda

    Great! I was looking for something like that! No more thickeners! Thank you

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