Zesty Carrot Bites

These days supermarkets shelves are packed with the bliss balls and energy bites. Even though the majority of them are loaded with sugar in the form of dried fruits, it's still marketed as a low sugar healthy snack. These delicious no-bake zesty carrot bites are a lower sugar alternative to the store bough ones. 

The rolled oats are packed with fiber, peanut butter provides protein and healthy fats, while carrots natural taste adds sweetness. Even the fussiest toddler will not spot carrots because once you mix everything it camouflages exceptionally well. What a clever way to incorporate more vegetables into your kids' diet! 

Bottom line is if you are on a hunt for a great lower sugar snack recipe for your kiddos lunchboxes look no more!


Zesty Carrot Bites - Healthy Snacks NZ


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