Organic Coconut Water Powder (GF/DF/V), 100g - Healthy Snacks NZ
Organic Coconut Water Powder (GF/DF/V), 100g - Healthy Snacks NZ

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Organic Coconut Water Powder (GF/DF/V), 100g

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Organic Freeze-Dried Powder. Nature's ultimate hydrator & electrolyte replenisher. 

Coconut water has been enjoyed by many tropical cultures for hundreds of years with Hawaiians commonly calling it Noelani which means ‘dew from the heavens’. It is a subtly sweet, thirst-quenching, low-calorie beverage as well as a completely natural electrolyte replenisher. Our Organic Coconut Water Powder is freeze-dried to lock in all the natural goodness of fresh coconut water and is the next best thing to drinking fresh coconut water itself.

Perfect for: air travel, pre-and post-workout, athletes, children, people-on-the-go. 

Serving Suggestions: Mix 1 tbsp in a 250ml glass of water for a refreshing drink or adjust to taste/hydration needs. Can also be added to smoothies and juices or made into a hydrating sports drink.

  • Electrolytes
  • Hydration
  • No Added Sugar
  • 100% Natural
  • Low Calorie
  • No preservatives and GMO-free


Freeze-dried USDA organically grown coconut water, natural tapioca free flow agent.


Packed in a facility that may have exposure to nuts and sesame seeds.


Reseal Pouch. Store in a cool dry place or refrigerate for maximum shelf-life.


What is coconut water powder made from?

Our Organic Coconut Water Powder is made from the juice of young green coconuts sourced from organically grown coconut palms in the Philippines. It is freeze-dried within a day to capture all the nutrients in the fresh coconut water. Freeze-dried coconut water is the next best thing to fresh off the tree, maintaining more freshness than bottled, canned or spray-dried methods.

By concentrating 10 coconuts into 1 pouch, this method also reduces our carbon footprint by reducing packaging and freight by a factor of 10.

What is the white sediment remaining in my glass after I have mixed in my coconut water powder?
We add a small amount of natural organic tapioca free-flow agent to our freeze-dried coconut water to stop it from clumping together. It may congeal at the bottom of your glass once the coconut water dissolves. This can either be consumed or discarded.