Easiest Biscuits Ever

Are you rushed off your feet, time poor, or perhaps the little ones won't leave you alone long enough to bake? Then you are going to love our easiest ever biscuits recipe. With little effort, and in just minutes you can whip up some scrummy biscuits on the double when hungry little fingers are searching for munchable meals. 

This recipe is perfect for baking with the kids. All you need is some store-bought sweet short pastry sheets, a set of our cutters and you are all set! Our versatile fruit & veg cutters are great for cutting fruits, veggies, cheese, wraps and making cool-looking biscuits from the short pastry.

You could make a short pastry from scratch, and we include the recipe below for you should you wish to. But if you are like me, and need something in a pinch, try store-bought pastry instead. Punch out a bunch of shapes onto a baking tray and in minutes you have crispy little shortbread cookies that the little ones will gobble up if you don't put a lock on the cookie jar.

Want to up your game? Why not make some Shrewsbury's? A little bit of jam added will make them even more desirable for the little ones. 

This is where our cutters come in real handy, cut the base of the biscuit with a glass (or anything round), and use star/heart/bunny etc. shapes to cut out the center of the Shrewsbury (no wastage here, cook the cutouts too to make mini biscuits). It's so simple even little hands can be “employed” on the factory floor to stamp out all the shapes. A few minutes in the oven to turn them golden brown and out come crunchy, melt in your mouth, cute, sweet little treats. How easy is that?

Easiest Biscuits Ever - Healthy Snacks NZ
Easiest Biscuits Ever - Healthy Snacks NZ

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