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Organic NZ Feijoa Jelly, 110ml - Healthy Snacks NZ
Organic NZ Feijoa Jelly, 110ml - Healthy Snacks NZ
Organic NZ Feijoa Jelly & Cheese Platter, 110ml - Healthy Snacks NZ

Heather's Feijoas

Organic NZ Feijoa Jelly, 110ml

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You will never guess how many organic feijoas it takes to make one jar of our decadent Feijoa Jelly - nearly 1kg! Why so many feijoas? Because jelly, unlike jam, is strained of the pulp and calls for only the juice of the feijoa flesh and skin. 

Most jam/jelly recipes use equal quantities of sugar to fruit by weight. However, ours boasts over 66% organic feijoas (among the highest fruit content you can get for jelly or jam.) We also add a little vegan pectin to reduce the cooking time and save as much nutritional value of heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamin C. 

WE ARE PROUD OF OUR JELLY. It's a superb condiment for cheese and crackers. It’s also an excellent base for salad dressings and meat rubs, and is fantastic on toast! Try not to eat more than one jar a day.
  • Made in NZ
  • 100% Natural 
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly


Biogro-certified organic feijoas (66.02%)*, organic raw sugar (33.8%), pectin (0.18%).
 * Grown and processed in New Zealand. 


Close tightly and store in a cool dry place.