Mum's Paper-thin Crêpes

We all have a special family-recipe that we associate with our childhood. A sweet memories about a meal that the whole family shares around the table or a parent/grandparent cooking on the stove. It's a bizarre form of nostalgia that takes you back to the past. Let's call it food nostalgia as it directly links memories to food.  

Traditional Russian crêpes (also known as Blini, Blinchiki or Russian pancakes) definitely have a special place in my heart. There is just simply nothing like these paper-thin, delicate, and lacy golden beauties. This recipe is very special to me as it was passed through generations in my family: from my grandma to my mother, and them from my mother to me. I was so pleased when my one-year-old boy gobbled it up as soon as I put it in front of him! He must've known the magic about it. 

These crêpes are very versatile. They can be served with maple syrup or your favourite jam and yoghurt/sour cream for breakfast. If you prefer a savoury option, pair them with smoked salmon and avocado or ham and cheese. Or just stuff them with mince or ricotta to make a delicious wrap for a lunch on-the-go.

The recipe itself is very simple, and as always, the more you practice the better you become. Trust me once you have mastered it you are hooked forever.    

Paper-thin Crêpes Pancakes Family Recipes

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