Fermented Foods - Probiotic Tvorog (Quark)

Tvorog (more known as cottage cheese or quark) is a very popular Russian soft cheese. It's very easy to make at home by warming soured milk until it curds and separates from whey, and then straining it. 

There are many techniques for preparing tvorog (cottage cheese) at home: some use lemon juice, vinegar, or enzyme (rennet). Unfortunately, these methods don't contain beneficial live probiotic bacteria. Using kefir grains as a starter culture in the fermentation process brings good-for-you probiotics to the final product. 

Another thing I love about making tvorog at home is that I get to keep all the delicious whey which I can use in homemade baked goodies (pancakes, muffins, crepes, etc).  

Please note using low-fat milk will result in firmer curds and slightly higher output in comparison with the standard milk.    

Tvorog - Cottage  Cheese - Fermented Foods
Tvorog - Cottage  Cheese - Fermented Foods


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