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Power Crumbled Banana

Banana... so versatile, yet so healthy! They are adored almost universally. Both kids and parents love bananas. Kids definitely enjoy its sweet taste and soft texture, and to parents, it is just a heaven's gift to satisfy kids hunger, especially when you are on a go. Quite frankly, bananas are must-have foods if you have a baby or toddler in a house. NOTE: you can not run out of bananas... EVER! 

If your child is anything like mine, he or she could happily eat bananas all day, every day... So let's just jazz it up and add variety with the addition of LSA mix, Pics peanut butter, and desiccated coconut. My family love Pics peanut butter, we can easily go through a jar in a week. It has no sugar or vegetable oil added and made purely from peanuts. Plus, its smooth texture and taste are magnificent and for us its the best peanut butter on the market! 

This is a very simple snack recipe that is guaranteed to appeal not only to your kid but to the whole family!



1 firm but a ripe banana

1 tsp Pics smooth peanut butter 

2 tsp desiccated coconut

1 tsp LSA. mix, ground 

Picture of Ingredients, bananas, pics smooth peanut butter, healtheries ground LSA super grains, desiccated coconut



Peel off banana skin leaving 2 cm at the bottom for little hands to hold on. The easiest way to do it is to gently cut through the skin with the sharp knife.


Smear peanut butter over the top end of the banana.


Sprinkle with the toppings of your choice; in my case desiccated coconut and LSA mix. 

Bananas cut, dipped in peanut butter and rolled in desiccated coconut


Be creative and use different types of butter and toppings depending on your little ones and your own taste! GO BANANAS!!!  


yummy banana snack ready to eat




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